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Explore Steiner Ranch: Where Community, Nature, and Luxury Meets in Austin, TX

Updated: Apr 5

Welcome to our guide on Steiner Ranch, one of Austin’s best suburban neighborhoods. Situated in the heart of Texas hill country, Steiner Ranch is more than a neighborhood; this planned community is an outdoor lover's paradise. Here, you'll find everything from hiking and fishing to simply enjoying the beauty of nature. 

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If you want to learn more about this area, you've come to the right place. As one of the top-performing buyer's agents in Austin and a data enthusiast, I'm passionate about presenting information that empowers you to make informed decisions. In this guide, I aim to provide you with insights into what makes Steiner Ranch special, focusing on its convenience, surroundings, and real estate. So, join us as we explore Steiner Ranch and discuss why it's a great option for those looking for community living and access to the great outdoors.

Steiner Ranch neighborhood boarders

Convenience: challenging connection from Steiner Ranch to Austin

Steiner Ranch is located in West Austin, close to Lakeway, within Travis County and the 78732 zip code. This area offers residents beautiful hill country views and access to outdoor activities. The area has one main road in and out, which can get busy, and public transportation options are limited. It's about 30 minutes to downtown Austin and The Domain, though traffic can add to that. For shopping, there's a Randalls in the neighborhood and an HEB just a short drive away. Dining options include the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, with more variety available if you're willing to travel a bit. 

Restaurants, Shopping, and Recreation

While Steiner Ranch offers a range of dining and shopping venues, it scores a modest 2/6 for these categories, indicating the limited variety and the need for residents to venture out for more options. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:


  • Steiner Ranch Steakhouse: Known for its friendly vibes and tasty food.

  • The Oasis On Lake Travis: While not directly within the neighborhood, it's close enough to mention. But beware - it’s known more for its stunning views than its food.

  • Lazeez Mediterranean Cafe: A spot for enjoying Mediterranean flavors.

  • Poke Fit - Steiner Ranch: Ideal for those seeking fresh and healthy poke bowls.

  • Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion: Blends traditional and innovative Japanese cuisine.

  • Cups & Cones: A go-to for ice cream and coffee enthusiasts.

  • Vaqueros Cafe & Cantina - Steiner Ranch: Delivers authentic Mexican dishes right in the neighborhood.

Shopping / Recreation

  • Randalls: Your local grocery store for daily essentials.

  • Quinlan Crossing: A community hub perfect for shopping and activities, it plays a key role for the residents.

  • HEB & Target - Four Points Center: Located just outside the neighborhood, these stores cater to a broader range of shopping requirements.

  • Hill Country Galleria: Just south of Steiner Ranch, this large mall includes Dillard’s, Whole Foods, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

With these considerations in mind, Steiner Ranch's convenience score averages out to 6/18, appealing to those who prioritize a connection with nature and a quieter lifestyle over the hustle and bustle of city living.

Transportation: Challenging Routes

Transportation in Steiner Ranch presents a significant challenge due to its restrictive access points. The community is served by a singular road for entering and exiting, primarily relying on the 620 for connections to North or Southwest Austin and the 2222 toward East Austin.  

Main roads leading to Steiner Ranch

Furthermore, with only two bus stops located in the adjacent neighborhood, residents predominantly depend on personal vehicles for their daily commutes. Traffic congestion can also be an issue, particularly because the 620 road is limited to two lanes, and the single access route can lead to delays. In fact, during peak hours, it can sometimes take up to 10 minutes just to exit the neighborhood, earning the transportation aspect a score of 1/6.

Hub Proximity: Offering a Good Balance

Steiner Ranch's location offers a varied experience in accessing Austin's key hubs. Downtown Austin is typically a 30-minute drive, though peak traffic can extend this to 50-60 minutes. Reaching The Domain usually takes about 25 minutes, but this can increase to around 45 minutes in heavier traffic. This positioning provides residents with a blend of quiet living and access to city centers, balancing tranquility with urban convenience, resulting in a score of 3/6 for hub proximity.

Steiner Ranch to the domain
Traffic at rush hour 26-55 min
Steiner Ranch to Downtown Austin
Traffic at rush hour 28-55

Surroundings: Education, Parks, and Community

Steiner Ranch stands out with its impressive surroundings, largely thanks to its excellent education system, expansive parks and greenery, strong community spirit, and low crime rates.


Families benefit from being part of the esteemed Leander School District, which ranks 320th in the US. Renowned for its commitment to high-quality education, it is a prime location for those who prioritize schooling, earning the education aspect a score of 5/6.

School grade map taken frim

Highly Rated Public Schools:

  • Vandegrift High School: Rated 7/10, this high school is just outside the neighborhood, approximately 10-15 minutes away, known for its excellence in academics and athletics.

  • Steiner Ranch Elementary School: Rated 7/10, this school is situated within the community and provides a solid foundation in early education.

  • Laura Welch Bush Elementary School: Stands out with a rating of 10/10, recognized for its exceptional educational environment and programs.

  • Canyon Ridge Middle School: Rated 7/10, offers its students a rigorous and supportive middle school experience.

Parks & Greenery

The highlight of Steiner Ranch is undoubtedly its extensive outdoor spaces. With over 20 miles of private trails winding through the landscape, residents have unparalleled access to biking, hiking, and outdoor exploration. The neighborhood also features The University of Texas Golf and Tennis Club, enhancing its appeal for sports enthusiasts. Plus, there’s access to Lake Travis through the Private Lake Club, which includes a boat launch, day docks, and a pavilion, thus adding to the allure and making it a paradise for nature lovers. Overall, the parks and greenery in Steiner Ranch are outstanding, reflected in a perfect score of 6/6.

More Parks in Steiner Ranch:

  • Jessica Hollis Park: Features walking trails along the riverside.

  • J-Canyon Trail: A six-mile out-and-back hiking path with easy to moderately challenging terrain.

  • Steiner Ranch Lake Club: Situated on Lake Austin's banks, offering a public boat launch and docks.

  • UT Golf Club: A premier golfing destination within the community.

  • Towne Square: A central hub for community gatherings and events.

  • Majestic Oaks Playground: A family-friendly outdoor play area.

  • John Simpson Park: Offers various recreational facilities and open spaces.

  • Westridge Canyon Trail & Coyote Run Trail: These trails provide more opportunities for hiking and exploring the natural landscape.

  • Selma Hughes Park: Another serene park setting within Steiner Ranch.

Community & Crime

Steiner Ranch is home to over 35 neighborhoods, all adding to the area's strong community feel. The Towne Square Community Center's big pool, tennis courts, and playgrounds are significant in bringing residents together. Plus, having Longhorn Village for senior living and the Lake Austin Spa Resort nearby makes the neighborhood even more appealing. It's a place where people enjoy living together and participating in community activities.

Low Crime rate in Steiner Ranch Austin
Taken from

When it comes to safety in Steiner Ranch, it’s a cornerstone of the community experience. The neighborhood boasts low crime rates, up to 30% lower than the national average, reflecting a secure environment where residents can feel at ease. This peace of mind is a significant factor for families and individuals alike, making Steiner Ranch a preferred choice for those seeking a safe and welcoming place to call home. For this reason, the community and crime in Steiner Ranch achieved a score of 5/6.

Taking all this into account, Steiner Ranch earns a total surrounding score of 16/18. This high rating reflects its good schools, plenty of outdoor spaces, and solid community feel, making it a great place to live despite some convenience challenges.

Real Estate Analysis


Steiner Ranch 2022-2023 Price change by quarter
2022-2023 Price change by quarter

In Steiner Ranch, the real estate market shows a diverse price range with an average cost of $280 per square foot as of the latter half of 2023. The more upscale properties, particularly those with views or lake access, can reach up to $325 per square foot. This pricing reflects the premium for proximity to natural features and amenities within the community, making it a place with mixed affordability. Considering the range and market dynamics, the affordability of Steiner Ranch is rated at a score of 3/6.


The neighborhood is landlocked, with most available land already developed. This scarcity, coupled with a continuously rising demand, drives up home values in Steiner Ranch. The limited availability of new properties ensures that the community remains exclusive and that investments here continue to appreciate. That said, Steiner Ranch's real estate scarcity receives a score of 5/6.


Homes in Steiner Ranch are known for their spaciousness, with many properties ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet situated on large lots. These homes offer breathtaking views of Lake Travis and are designed to provide a sense of openness and connection to the natural surroundings. The area near the Colorado River boasts multi-acre lots with private docks and direct access to Lake Austin, highlighting the luxurious aspect of the community's real estate. This level of spaciousness and luxury earns Steiner Ranch a density score of 5/6.


Steiner Ranch tops the charts for character, with high-quality homes and attractive natural spots. The closer you get to Lake Austin, the newer the homes. However, regardless of your location, the neighborhood is green, quiet, and safe, offering nice views and tons of natural beauty. The strong character and appeal of Steiner Ranch are perfectly reflected in a top score of 6/6.

Given these factors, Steiner Ranch's real estate scores a solid 19/24, highlighting its status as a sought-after area. The combination of luxurious homes, high demand, and limited availability makes it a prime choice for those looking to invest in a place with exceptional views and spacious living.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Steiner Ranch scores 41 out of 60 in our neighborhood rankings, placing it below or equal to other neighborhoods we ranked (Brushy Creek, The Creeks, Allandale etc.) due to convenience and access. Yet, the strong sense of community and resident satisfaction emphasize its appeal. Featuring modern homes, access to nature, and a secure environment, Steiner Ranch is well-suited for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking tranquility. So, whether buying or renting, it’s one of the best places to live in Austin and it just might be a neighborhood you'd be happy to call home. Stay tuned for more of our Austin neighborhood reviews as we continue to explore the best places to live in Texas!

Considering a home in Steiner Ranch or the greater Austin, TX area? Contact our team for more details and expert guidance. We’re dedicated to simplifying your home-buying process, ensuring that your move to Austin as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Steiner Ranch a good place to live?

Yes, Steiner Ranch can be an excellent place to live. It offers beautiful landscapes, comprehensive community amenities, and top-rated schools. It's ideal for those seeking an active, outdoor lifestyle while enjoying a close-knit community atmosphere.

Is Steiner Ranch gated?

Steiner Ranch is a large community with various sections. It includes both gated and non-gated neighborhoods, offering options for different preferences and privacy levels.

Why live in Steiner Ranch?

Living in Steiner Ranch means access to excellent schools, outdoor activities like hiking and boating, and a strong sense of community. Its location provides a balance between city conveniences and natural surroundings.

What is the history of Steiner Ranch?

Steiner Ranch's history dates back to the early 20th century, evolving from a cattle ranch owned by the Steiner family into a master-planned community renowned for its lush landscapes and residential appeal.

Is Steiner Ranch a safe place to live?

Steiner Ranch is considered a safe community with low crime rates compared to national averages. Its dedicated neighborhood watch and active community involvement contribute to its overall security.

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