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Beyond Transactions

with Austin's Premier Realtors

We've proudly assisted hundreds of families in their journey to move and invest in Austin. Each client is unique and we tailor their house search. 

For us, nothing compares to the joy of a satisfied client.

When you're happy, we know we've done well.

"I've worked with multiple realtors in the past and Or is by Far the best one. His professionalism is top notch. He leverage data analytics to help close deals in a way I've never seen before. Thanks to him we were able to win a bid within a week while some of my friends have been searching for a house in Austin for 6+ months.

He also provides great added on services including repairs (at cost), and he even helped us with the moving. I would highly recommend working with Or if you are moving to Austin"
Home in Round Rock
"We relocated to the US years ago, bought our home here, and have been watching the real estate space from the sidelines for a while.
It always seemed like something we should get into but we had key concerns over the process (how does it even work?), the area and the property (where should we invest?), and what happens after we buy it (how do we renovate? how do we find tenants? fix things?..).

Over the years we’ve talked to a few professionals in the space but didn’t feel that they understand our concerns and can help with what we need.I should say that we are extremely busy with our full time jobs + kids.
The Investory team was able to step in and build that trust with us, address the concerns, and with a lot of patience and understanding explain the steps, the options, the considerations, and then all over again after a couple of weeks since we forgot…
In the process we’ve learned a lot, and still are learning every week. Or’s tips and connections got us through the financing, insurance, inspection, appraisal, negotiation nuances, and much more.
Others chimed in on the repairs and overall design side with killer tips and great approach.

We went in thinking about acquiring a single property for investment to see how it goes and just rent it out, so far we’ve submitted offers for over 50 properties, bought a couple, and Or was even able to get tenants to one of them (over market price!) before we even got the keys!

This journey is not right for everyone, and there are many different ways to invest in real estate, but if you’re considering this space I would highly recommend having a chat with this team."

Raviv, L.

"Or and the Investory team were pivotal in helping us find and purchase our new home in Austin.
They helped us every step of the way - from defining our needs, through sourcing homes, to closing, getting a loan, and moving in.
We were extremely impressed by the diligence, knowledge, professionalism, and fantastic service we received.
Whether you're looking for a primary residence or an investment property, I highly recommend working with the Investory. 10 out of 10!"
Primary residence
"Or and team were referred to me by my friend and the Investory team proved to be every bit of the recommendation (Not just the hype, they all mean the work they do).

When we decided to start looking for first home, Or gave us a good prep session and then he let us decide our needs. The team made sure they pointed everything good or bad about any house we visited. They do all the pre work and they had answers to all the questions we had.

It took us only 2 weeks to lockdown our dream home and they helped through every step of the process till closing. They create a WhatsApp group and make sure the entire team is added there, so that anyone with answers to any questions we had were answered in a timely manner. Or and team made sure they invested their time in us to answer any questions big or silly. It did not stop there and they are still helping us with renovations after closing as well.

These guys listen to us and act in our best interest. I would highly recommend them to anyone coming their way."
"When you are extremely busy you appreciate working with professionals that know what they are doing, keep you posted and drive results.
Couple of things that were really efficient working with Or and The Investory were: They offer scale and try to cover as many assets as possible to make sure you find the best deal. Speed and convenience - the team moves and reacts very quickly. From inspection scheduling to follow ups, title coordination etc. They try to keep it flexible and accommodating especially when you have a challenging schedule.
They also took care of the pre move-in renovation and repairs which was extremely helpful.
I really didn't want to or had the time to deal with coordinating all the contractors. They have a very structured process that gets you to the finish line with minimal surprises. I highly recommend them and would definitely work with the team again"
Or Yochanan - Realtor
"We first worked with Or when we decided to buy an investment property, and after the first one we knew we wanted to continue using his services for our second. We had no idea where to start, what to look for, what we should and shouldn’t do. And this is where Or steps in.

Or was able to secure two amazing deals for us, in a real estate market where properties are being closed within a day with 20%+ over asking. We were able to buy our first property in a ridiculous price with no other offers (what one would call a “unicorn”), whereas our second property was extremely popular, with dozens of offers (more than 80 showings and 35 offers, in a single weekend) and our offer was accepted even though it wasn’t the highest. This just goes to show how persuasive and persistent Or is.

We have no doubt that the service we received from Or was worth every penny. He performed the initial screening of properties, which saved us a lot of time, explained everything over the phone, again and again with a lot of patience. His outputs were precise and to the point. He didn’t waste us any time. He even went to look at properties for us.

We are very pleased with the properties we purchased with Or. We feel that we made the right decisions and also learned a lot in the process. We highly recommend Or as a consultant and a real estate agent who is reliable, brilliant and hard working."
"It took less time to buy a house than to buy a laptop."
I could've never believed this statement until I worked with The Investory. Or's team has made it crystal clear every step along the path, it felt obvious and easy to make any decision. Think about amazon experience, but for buying houses.

I really appreciate the transparency and integrity the whole team tried to build. I felt included as part of the team and realized they're not just traditional agents trying to push me into buying properties. As the name suggests, this is the "story" of our investment together. They truly want to build a community of investors that will be helping each other, and I'm glad to be a part of that community.
Clients at their new home
"Thanks to Or and team at the Inventory I have remotely made real-estate investment in the Austin market. This is NOT your typical real-estate agent. They use out-of-the-box methods to find you a great deal and the right deal. They offer a seamless end-to-end solution, from education, selection of market segment, analytics, bidding, video visits, guarantied first year rent rate, financing partners, very rapid rent preparation, professional leasing and on-going maintenance. Great real-time communications. They take pride in their work and it shows. Highly recommended."
"Or is a wizard. He found us our dream house as a main residence and also advised very thoughtfully and helped us purchase investment properties. He’s not your run of the mill realtor - he’s an engineer who found his passion in real estate - which means that you’ll get to work with someone highly intelligent and capable, who’s knowledge and technologies help you find the best deals possible."
Cedar Park.jfif
Investment house
"The Investory helped me to purchase two houses in Austin TX. In both cases they helped me to get better price that I would hope, and helped along the way from the purchase, through the remodeling and renting the houses.
I will definitely purchase my next Austin house with them."
Or Yochanan and the team exceeded our expectations, the team is professional, answered all our questions, accompanied us throughout the process from A to Z, including post-purchase, finding tenants, running the rent contract and even the maintenance services. Would definitely recommend The Investory services, we feel lucky to get to know that this company exist :) "
This is not a regular agency. Investory is a 360 team of professionals for everything you need if you are buying, selling or renting. I had the pleasure to work with them several times and it always made things easy and clear. In every opportunity I get I’m always coming back."
" Exceptional experience, very professional and knowledgeable people.
The team make the process very easy and always there for you on every single step, they help with everything, negotiations, remodeling, rental, management, etc. Couldn’t ask for better team to work with."
Thanks Or and the Investory team for the excellent end-2-end service. Your unique tools and customer-centric approach have made the entire process seamless and enjoyable."
Texas size home
" Our latest acquisition was actually a repeat process which should in itself speak volumes of the service Investory provides. Or is probably the most knowledgeable and transparent expert we’ve ever dealt with. His responses are prompt and he speaks in layman terms without making us feel he’s dumbing it down for us!
We cannot praise the brilliant team enough. It is a pleasure working with each one of them. Their streamlined process ticks like precision clockwork. And each one is so personable, taking genuine interest in meeting our needs. Sometimes it’s a little scary because it’s almost like they’re reading our minds (Ha ha! ). Highly recommend reaching out to Investory and their fantastic team for your realtor needs.
Thank you Or and team! Rama and Priya"
STR investment
" The Investory team is incredible and I’d 100% recommend them! They helped you out from start to finish and it’s really put o you all the services you want to use or not. They hook you up with a channel where you have a team helping you out with realtor services, financial, contractors, and anything else you might need. They really are a one stop shop.
I enjoyed their transparency of their opinion giving diverse options available and having a strong one opinion with data based reasoning that really helped me make clear up my confusions so that I could make a confident decision. That’s why I’d 100% recommend the Investory team!"
Or Yochanan and the entire Investory team lived up to all our expectations in the process of acquiring an investment property in Austin, TX. Every step of the way had some learning, nevertheless, we always had someone to lean on, there was always someone to talk to on the other end, someone we can trust to offer us the best decision on how to move forward.
From deciding on a property, to doing a deep dive and get all the data, understanding the landscape, moving forward with an offer, maintaining and managing the property - always laser focused on getting the job done right.
On a personal level, the team is also very nice and a pleasure to work with.
I highly recommend the Investory for your next purchase!"
" Or and his team worked with us to review various properties, showed us what the costs/expected rents/rate of return and introduced us to a loan officer who was able to get us a competitive rate, all in about 3 weeks before we submitted our offer on a beautiful brand new home. After close, his team then helped find a tenant and get them moved in and services transferred, all while we were remote in the SF Bay Area. His team is very responsive, supportive, and available to answer any questions we have. We look forward to doing more business with Or in the future. I’ll never look at buying a house the same way again."
I know investory through a coworker. After the introduction call, we decided to move forward with our house hunting with the team.
During the search, they presented us each option with thorough and professional analysis and answered questions promptly.
Besides, the team is resourceful. They guide you and offer recommendation for you, on things that you need in a housing purchase, such as brokerages. Overall, the process was smooth and we had good experience with the team!"
I recently had the pleasure of working with Or from "The Investory" during our relocation from California to Austin, Texas, and I can't express how grateful we are for his exceptional service. From the very beginning, Or stood out among the realtors we encountered. Unlike others who simply sent us houses hoping we'd like something, Or took the time to truly understand our preferences and requirements.
When I finally met Or in Texas to explore housing options, I was blown away by his dedication. An astounding 95% of the houses he presented matched our desired location, style, and size. Or's honesty and direct approach were refreshing, making the entire process more efficient and tailored to our needs. Although we didn't find our dream house that specific weekend, Or never gave up and continued searching while keeping us updated via FaceTime.
Or's unwavering patience and commitment paid off when he found us our perfect home. The experience of working with him throughout the process was nothing short of amazing. On the day of our move, my wife arrived at the new house with our baby and dog, and to our surprise, Or had gone above and beyond. He personally picked her up from the airport, went grocery shopping, and even brought a crib for our baby. Or's thoughtful gestures truly exemplified his dedication and went far beyond our expectations.
I can confidently say that Or and "The Investory" provided us with an outstanding real estate experience. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile made the entire journey smooth and enjoyable. If you're looking for a realtor who genuinely cares about finding your dream home, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Or and "The Investory." Thank you, Or, for turning our relocation into an unforgettable and remarkable experience."
Very happy with my investment and couldn't have done it without the investory. I'm a first time homeowner that really didn't have a clue about buying a house and decided to make an investment in a period in my life that I needed support and didn't have time and energy to do the research myself. If I didn't know about Or and the investory, I wouldn't have bought a house at this point in my life. The whole process end to end took about 2 months; it's been a breeze compared to what it can be if you do it alone. It's been 6 months since and I'm super happy with the result."
Home in Cedar Park
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