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The Investory Group

Driving Success with Skill, Serving with Heart.

Every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our deep-rooted values. We combine our technical prowess with a heartfelt approach, ensuring your goals are met and your experience is unparalleled.

Our approach is client-obsessed, technology-driven, and grounded in data and analysis. We aim to make your real estate journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

End-To-End Service

Doing it all

Our group was founded out of a need to fill a gap in the market. We noticed that there was a lack of accountability, data-backed information, and disjointed services when it came to purchasing homes. That's why we created The Investory Group, a solution that provides a comprehensive and seamless experience for our clients.

We are the Solution!

We have a team of experts and trusted partners who are ready to assist you with all your real estate needs. From the initial conception to closing day and beyond, we offer a range of services that include leasing, transaction coordination, renovation services, and property management (via a trusted partner)

Our Unique Tools

Our cost of living calculator is Just one of the many innovative tools at The Investory, crafted by our engineer CEO.

This unique tool simplifies your relocation, providing tailored income estimates based on location, home size, family, vehicles and more, ensuring a risk-free transition.

It’s part of our suite of tools designed to ensure your relocation is not just a leap, but a calculated step towards a fulfilling life in Austin.

Meet the Team

We are based out of Austin, Texas and work all across the Central Texas area. Whether you live next door, out of state, or across the world, trust our team to provide the best care and in-depth insights into whatever you're looking for.​​

Guided by Heart, Backed by Data.

"I've worked with multiple realtors in the past and Or is by Far the best one. His professionalism is top notch. He leverage data analytics to help close deals in a way I've never seen before. Thanks to him we were able to win a bid within a week while some of my friends have been searching for a house in Austin for 6+ months.

He also provides great added on services including repairs (at cost), and he even helped us with the moving. I would highly recommend working with Or if you are moving to Austin"
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