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With The Investory Group In Austin, Texas

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Where Real Estate Meets Data Precision

Harness the power of data-driven insights with our real estate expertise. We guide you to smart decisions, ensuring you find the perfect home or investment. Your dreams, backed by our analysis, become a seamless reality.


Founder & Group Lead

With a background in computer engineering from Amazon, Or brought his analytical skills to the real estate market in 2018. What started as personal investments with his wife evolved into a game-changing approach.
Frustrated by the limitations of traditional realtors, Or developed advanced systems to refine research, calculations, and estimations, all crucial for successful transactions. This passion led him to become a licensed realtor, and he assembled a team that shares his vision, The Investory. Together, they prioritize clients, offering not just listings, but a comprehensive and innovative real estate experience. Trust Or and his team to find your ideal home or investment, and witness firsthand why they're Austin's finest.

What You Need to Know

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300+ Homes Sold Since 2021

Experience Counts

Our Clients Rock

In Their Words

Michaela, J.R.

“They offer scale and try to cover as many assets as possible to make sure you find the best deal. They have a very structured process that gets you to the finish line with minimal surprises.“

Izhak, G.

Or's unwavering patience and commitment paid off when he found us our perfect home. The experience of working with him throughout the process was nothing short of amazing.

Thien, N.

“Or's team has made it crystal clear every step along the path, it felt obvious and easy to make any decision.”

Pryia, S.

“Or is probably the most knowledgeable and transparent expert we’ve ever dealt with. We cannot praise the brilliant team enough. “

Liron, Y.

“This is NOT your typical real-estate agent. They use and out-of-the-box methods to find you a great deal and the right deal.”

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