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Invest in the Hottest Market in the US

Investing in real estate is about you and your financial future

That's why, at Investory Group, we put your interests first.

With our team of experienced investors, we provide you with expert guidance through Austin's dynamic market.

The city offers a unique blend of potential and affordability, creating ample opportunities for you. While demand is high, we're here to offer you a clear view, ensuring you navigate through the noise and secure investments with confidence

House In Greater Austin

How It Works

​​Investing in general, and particularly in real estate, can feel like never-ending FOMO. Especially given Austin’s meteoric growth, and often being crowned ‘the hottest real estate market in the United States’, it’s common for novice investors to rush into deals that, when scrutinized, may not make much financial sense.

We’re not about that. We understand investors may come with different knowledge levels, different amounts of capital to invest, and different preferences as to their involvement in the process. Some investors don’t live in the Austin area or even in the United States, and their questions and concerns require proper care and attention.

Or’s years of experience in Austin real estate is coupled with his experience creating popular programs and lectures guiding individuals to improve their personal finances through smart borrowing and investing. This has made him exceptionally attuned to the needs of private investors - and our process is characterized by hands-on guidance, sound, level-headed advice, and earnest service.

Analysis and Data Backed

As investors ourselves, we know that reliable data is everything when it comes to making a sound decision. 

We lay it all out for you, using our exclusive algorithms used to predict rent values, appraisals, and expected cash flow with 98% accuracy. Get all the stats you need in one dashboard, including ROI, tax costs, maintenance expenses, home data, and


The Team You Need

Work with a dedicated account manager who is closely familiar with the location and type of investment you are looking for. 

You'll work with our entire team to ensure that the property you choose to invest in is a strong opportunity and that the entire process is smooth. 

After getting under contract, our transaction coordinator and operations team will help manage the deal and decide on the next steps after closing. 

Leasing, renovation services, and managing your needs post-closing- we're here from start to finish.

Real Estate From A-Z

By now, you’ve hopefully realized we’re more than a real estate agency. We’re here to provide service, guidance, advice and unbeatable quotes for anything property-related!

  • Finding your next primary residence or investment property

  • Handyman services (including electrical, plumbing, paint, and more)

  • Home renovations

  • Landscaping

  • Pool maintenance

  • Investments Properties
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