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Allandale and Crestview: Embracing Urban Suburb Living in Austin's Neighborhoods

Updated: 6 days ago

Welcome to an in-depth look at Allandale and Crestview, two of Austin's neighborhoods that are rapidly capturing the attention of homebuyers and real estate enthusiasts alike. Known for their perfect blend of charm, convenience, and proximity to downtown Austin, these neighborhoods offer more than just attractive housing options. Join us as we delve into what makes Allandale and Crestview stand out in Austin's real estate scene, ranking them based on convenience, surroundings, and real estate factors.

Convenience: Urban Suburb Serenity Meets Downtown Accessibility

In the heart of Austin, nestled between the vibrancy of downtown and the shopping haven of The Domain, Allandale and Crestview emerge as epitomes of urban suburb living. These neighborhoods blend the allure of a tight-knit community with the convenience of city living, boasting prime locations that put residents within a stone's throw of Austin's best. From the eclectic dining experiences at Buffalina Due, Amy's Ice Cream, and Jewboy Sandwiches to the daily conveniences offered by nearby HEB, living here means your favorite restaurants and cafes are just a short walk or drive away. The urban suburb charm of Allandale and Crestview is further enriched by the availability of local shops, lush parks, and entertainment options like Alamo Drafthouse and an ice skating rink. This blend of accessibility and neighborhood tranquility not only enriches the daily lives of its residents but also places these neighborhoods at a convenience score of 5/6, highlighting their seamless integration of urban perks with the peacefulness of suburban life.

Our Favorite Shopping & Restaurants in the area


  • Bartlett’s Steakhouse

  • Phil’s Ice House

  • Amy’s Ice Cream

  • Bufalina Due Pizza

  • Vigilante Gastropub

  • The Backspace

  • Jewboy Subs

  • Top Notch Hamburgers

Shopping / Recreation

  • Triangle State

  • Central Market

  • Trader Joe's

  • Alamo Drafthouse 

  • Terra Toys

  • Ice skating rink

  • Lots of antique/thrift stores

  • The Crescent Shopping Center

Transportation: Navigating Austin with Ease

Public Transportation from Allandale to downtown Austin

Allandale and Crestview stand out in Austin as urban suburbs that boast not only prime neighborhood charm but also exceptional connectivity. Positioned advantageously near the Mopac and the 183 highways, these neighborhoods serve as gateways to the vast offerings of Austin, ensuring that residents can effortlessly reach any destination in the city. For those relying on public transport, the convenience is just as notable. Bus lines 3, 5, and 30 offer direct and budget-friendly routes to downtown, reducing travel time to a mere 20-40 minutes. This urban suburb's appeal is poised to grow with the upcoming light rail project through Crestview, promising an even more integrated transit network. Such strategic transportation advantages underscore the neighborhoods' score of 5/6, reflecting Allandale and Crestview’s commitment to providing seamless access to all of Austin's attractions and amenities.

Future Map plan of Austin's Light Rail
Main Roads around Allandale nd Crestview

Hub Proximity: Perfectly Positioned

Situated merely 10-15 minutes from both the Domain and downtown Austin, Allandale and Crestview offer an enviable balance of proximity to key Austin hubs. This ideal location garners a hub proximity score of 5/6, highlighting the neighborhoods' appeal to those who value convenience and connectivity.

Distance from Allandale to the Domain
distance from Allandale to downtown Austin

Living in Allandale and Crestview: Schools, Parks, and Neighborhood Feel

Living in Allandale and Crestview means you get the best of both worlds in Austin: cool places to hang out and a friendly vibe right in the heart of the city. Here’s the lowdown on what it’s like to live here, from the schools and parks to how everyone gets along.


When it comes to schools, you've got options. There are some really good private schools nearby, like Magellan International Schools and Paragon Prep School, that give kids a great start. For public schools, families in Allandale and Crestview have some solid choices:

School grade by
Map taken from

Public schools:

  • Gullett Elementary 6/10

  • Brentwood Elementary 7/10

  • Lamar Middle 6/10

  • McCallum High 7/10

Private Schools

  • Magellan International Schools

  • Paragon Prep School

  • Austin Jewish Academy 

  • Casner Christian Academy

  • Austin Montessori School - Great Northern Campus

    • Youngest Children's Community (16 - 36 months)

    • The Children's House (3 to 6 years) 

    • Elementary (6 - 12 years)

    • Adolescent Community (12 - 15 years).

In other words, while the private schools are pretty good, the public schools could be much better, and if you take into account the area's price tag, I would have expected better public schools. We give this category a rating of 4/6.

Parks and Greenery

These neighborhoods are green and pretty with plenty of trees around, making them a nice break from the city buzz. The parks, like Sheffield and Brentwood, are not huge or super fancy but are great for a quick stroll or taking the kids out to play. It's like having a little bit of nature close by, even if it's not the biggest or best park in town. When compared to other neighborhoods in greater Austin, like Brushy Creek which boasts the stunning Brushy Creek Park stretching nearly 7 miles with amenities from splash pads to fishing spots, these parks are modest, earning them a score of 3/6.

Crime Grades of Allandale and Crestview
Taken from

Community and Safety

What really makes Allandale and Crestview stand out is the community feel. It's the kind of place where neighbors know each other, kids play outside, and people are out jogging or walking their dogs. There’s always something happening, from holiday events to weekend BBQs.

When it comes to safety, like anywhere in a big city, some spots are a bit quieter than others. It might not be as safe as the west suburbs of Austin like in West Cedar Park, but on the whole, Allandale and Crestview are pretty safe places to live. You might hear about the odd incident here and there, especially the further east you go, but it’s not something that overshadows the good stuff about living here. All things considered, for the vibe and how people look out for each other, this area gets a solid 4/6.

4. Diving Into the Real Estate Vibes of Allandale and Crestview


Price per sq.ft closed at Allandale during Q1 2024

Kicking off with affordability, let's set the scene. The median price for a single-family home in these neighborhoods hovers around $800,000 for about 1,600 square feet. That's about $500 per square foot. Pricey, yes, but for those who value the ability to stroll to nearby shops and restaurants and soak up the best of urban life, Allandale and Crestview are prime spots. In fact, when you compare the cost to other urban areas in Austin, these neighborhoods offer some of the top options for walkability and accessibility, even with the higher price tag. So, keeping this in mind, affordability gets a nuanced score of 3/6.


On the scarcity front, it's a tight market. Every square inch of land is accounted for, with old, smaller homes making way for larger constructions. Developers are keen on these areas, sometimes placing two or three houses on what used to be a single lot, which tightens up outdoor space and privacy. This high demand and limited supply skyrocket Allandale and Crestview's desirability and, inevitably, their price points, earning scarcity a High rank of 6/6.


Talking about density, it's all about perspective. Sure, compared to downtown's high rises and apartment complexes, Allandale and Crestview feel less cramped. These neighborhoods are primarily made up of single-family homes, offering a more laid-back vibe than the bustling city center. However, when you pit them against other suburbs, they're noticeably denser. Homes are closer together, and while it's not like living in the middle of downtown, it's snug compared to more sprawling suburban areas. So, with this balance, density scores a 3/6, reflecting its middle-ground status.


Finally, the character of these neighborhoods is undeniably appealing. Close enough to downtown to feel the urban energy yet sprinkled with enough greenery to maintain a suburban essence, Allandale and Crestview hit a sweet spot. This unique blend of accessibility and neighborhood charm earns a high mark of 5/6 for character. It's a bit of urban and suburban harmony that captures the hearts of its residents, making it a standout choice for those seeking the best of both worlds in Austin.

Wrapping Up: Allandale and Crestview's Place in Austin's Heart

After diving deep into what makes Allandale and Crestview tick, we land at a solid 44 out of 60. Sure, the real estate aspect might dial down the overall score a notch, but the unbeatable convenience and vibrant community vibe crank their attractiveness way up. These spots shine for young couples or families eager for a slice of urban living without straying far from downtown's buzz, all while being part of a close-knit community. If you're cool with the trade-off on space for a lifestyle rich in character and connectivity, Allandale and Crestview could be your next move.

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1.Are Allandale and Crestview good places to live in Austin?

Yes, Allandale and Crestview are considered great places to live in Austin for several reasons. These neighborhoods offer a perfect blend of urban and suburban living, providing residents with the charm, convenience, and proximity to downtown Austin. They're known for their vibrant community spirit, with plenty of local shops, restaurants, and parks that cater to residents' every need. With a solid score of 43 out of 60, Allandale and Crestview stand out for their unbeatable convenience and strong community vibe, making them particularly appealing to young couples or families seeking a dynamic urban lifestyle without sacrificing the benefits of suburban living.

2.What is the nicest neighborhood in Austin?

Determining the "nicest" neighborhood in Austin can be subjective and depends on what one is looking for in terms of lifestyle, amenities, and community. However, Allandale and Crestview are often highlighted among the top choices for their exceptional blend of accessibility, community feel, and real estate appeal. These neighborhoods are highly prized for their proximity to key Austin hubs like downtown and The Domain, their vibrant community events, and the safe, family-friendly environment they offer. Other neighborhoods that frequently receive high marks for livability include Tarrytown for its historic charm and luxury homes, Travis Heights for its unique character and proximity to South Congress, and Hyde Park for its historic significance and tight-knit community. Ultimately, the "nicest" neighborhood will vary based on individual preferences, including factors like walkability, schools, and access to amenities.

For more personalized advice and insights into finding the perfect neighborhood in Austin that suits your needs, Or Yochanan and The Investory Group are ready to help. With a unique approach that combines analytical skills and a deep understanding of Austin's real estate market, they can guide you through the process of finding your ideal home in Austin's vibrant neighborhoods.

3. Are Allandale and Crestview safe?

Allandale and Crestview are generally considered safe neighborhoods in Austin. Like any part of a large city, there are occasional incidents, but these areas have a strong sense of community and safety overall. Residents often note the family-friendly atmosphere and the presence of people jogging, walking dogs, and children playing outside as indicators of the neighborhoods' overall safety. The close-knit community contributes to looking out for one another, further enhancing the sense of security. The areas score well in safety, with relatively low crime rates compared to other urban neighborhoods.

4. What is the best thing about Allandale & Crestview?

The best thing about Allandale and Crestview is their unique blend of urban convenience with a suburban community feel. These neighborhoods boast prime locations that offer easy access to downtown Austin and The Domain, coupled with the charm of local shops, lush parks, and a variety of dining options. The strong community spirit, marked by regular events and an active neighborhood association, makes living there particularly appealing. This combination of factors provides a lifestyle that’s hard to find elsewhere—close to the action but with a neighborly feel.

5. Are Allandale & Crestview worth the price tag?

For many, the price tag of homes in Allandale and Crestview is justified by the quality of life these neighborhoods offer. While the real estate market in these areas can be competitive, with median home prices around $800,000, many residents feel the investment is worthwhile. The walkability, proximity to major Austin attractions, excellent local amenities, and the vibrant community life contribute to the neighborhoods' appeal. Comparatively, when considering other urban areas in Austin, Allandale and Crestview offer competitive prices for the benefits of living in such well-located and well-rounded neighborhoods.

6. Can you recommend a real estate agent in these neighborhoods to help me buy a house?

When looking to purchase a house in Allandale and Crestview, working with a real estate agent who has a deep understanding of Austin's market and these neighborhoods in particular is crucial. Or Yochanan and The Investory Group come highly recommended for anyone interested in these areas. Or Yochanan, with his background in computer engineering and experience in the real estate market since 2018, brings an analytical and innovative approach to buying and selling homes. He and his team at The Investory Group are known for their personalized, tech-forward real estate services, focusing on client needs and leveraging data to make informed decisions. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes them a top choice for navigating the competitive Austin real estate landscape.


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