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Brushy Creek: A Perfect Place to Settle in Austin, TX

Updated: Jan 31

Welcome to our Brushy Creek guide. Brushy Creek is a suburb of Austin that stands out as one of it's best places to live in, due to it's unique blend of affordability, strategic location, and community warmth. This Austin neighborhood guide will delve into why Brushy Creek is a top contender for anyone looking to buy a home in Texas.

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Convenience and Lifestyle: 

map of bushy creek outlined in red

Brushy Creek is technically a Municipal Utility District (MUD), and it cover parts of 3 cities- Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Austin. It is a suburban area with strategic location between major highways like the 183, I35, and Mopac ensures easy access to Austin's vibrant downtown. Around Brushy Creek you can find a variety of dining options and shopping centers, including local favorites like Soto for Japanese cuisine, Tony C's for Italian and Via313 Chicago style pizza. all these creates an ideal spot for those seeking to move to Austin, TX.

Favorite Restaurants

up to 10 minutes away from Brushy Creek

  • Soto - Japanese

  • Via 313 - Pizza

  • Salt Trades - Sea Food

  • Drinkle Coffee

  • Tony C’s - Italian

  • Papi's Pies - Breakfast

  • Hoody's Subs

  • Jack Allen's Kitchen - American

  • Copper Top Tavern - Drinks

Education and Community: 

One of Brushy Creek's strongest suits is its association with the Round Rock west ISD, one of the best school districts in Texas, and number 457 in all of the USA. This makes it a highly recommended place for families prioritizing education. The community vibe is further enhanced by its green spaces, including the Brushy Creek Park, which offers a variety of activities for families. Safety and community engagement are also high, with abundant community centers and events that foster a strong sense of belonging.

Real Estate Insights: 

For those searching to buy a home in Austin, Brushy Creek presents a range of affordability options. The median home price is $580,000 according to mid-2023, and it offers a mix range from smaller starter homes to premium luxurious residences. Brushy Creek is landlocked meaning that real estate here is valuable.

Character and Charm: 

Brushy Creek is not just another neiborhood, it's all about character. Brushy Creek features mature trees, larger parcels of land, and diverse architectural styles, with great neighbors. This blend of natural beauty and unique homes gives Brushy Creek a distinct character, setting it apart from other places in Austin.


Brushy Creek is a community where life unfolds in a beautiful, convenient, and family-friendly environment. Whether you're looking to move/rent/buy a home in Austin, Tx, Brushy Creek should be at the top of your list. With it's optimal location (for a suburb), prime community, and quality real estate, Brushy Creek is not just a recommended neighborhood; it's a place to call home.

Interested in exploring homes for sale in Brushy Creek or other areas around Austin, TX? Contact us for more information and personalized assistance. Let us help you make your move to Austin, TX, a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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